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How to Divert Calls


How To Setup Call Divert


In this article, I'm going to run you though a simple step-by-step guide on how to divert calls from one number to another.

(Please note, if you're asking somebody else to divert the calls for you, they will require your lock screen pass code if you've set one up). 


What is Call Divert?

Call divert is a phone feature that enables the user to forward or redirect their incoming calls to an alternate number. 


How do you set up Call Divert? (This will only work with Mobiles/Traditional landline phones)

To divert all of your calls to another number, dial the following number on your phone:

**21* (Followed by the number you wish to divert calls to) '#' and then dial. 


Example: **21*12345678# (dial) 

This action will now divert all of your calls to the new number.


I don't want this number diverting anymore, how do I cancel call divert? 

To cancel call divert on any UK network: 

(Dial) ##21# 


If you'd like anymore information regarding call diverting, the following link will help you: CLICK ME

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