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How to access Voicemail



How to Access Voicemail

  • In today's article, I'm going to run you through how to check your voicemail on your landline phone. This method works for both SNOM, CISCO or any VoIP phone you have. Provided that you are with Gradwell service provider. 



How do I access my voicemail? 

  • To access voicemail on your landline, you will need to dial a number in order to get into your voicemail. Please follow these simple instructions below:


  • Simply dial *1 on your landline and you should be redirected to your voicemail menu. 
  • After entering the voicemail menu, you should now be able to listen to your messages.




Do you have a CISCO VoIP phone? 

  • CISCO VoIP phones have a shortcut to voicemail, simply follow the diagram in order for easy access to your voicemails.

CISCO Voicemail Hotkey

Clicking this hotkey will take you directly to your voice messages.



More Information

  • For more information on voicemail and setup for CISCO phones, please click here.


Hopefully my article today has helped you access your voicemail. 






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