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Cisco SPA504G Quick Reference Guide


CISCO SPA504G Quick Reference Guide





The aim is to provide instructions on the process of using the Cisco SPA504G, it contains the following:

  • Making calls
  • Answering calls
  • Transferring - Attended and Unattended
  • Switching between calls
  • Accessing Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding


Make a Call 

  • When using the handset, pick up the receiver and dial the number.
  • To make a hands free call, press the Headset button and then dial the number when using a headset, and press the Speaker button if you need to use the speaker.


Answer a Call

  • If using the handset, pick up the receiver to answer the call.
  • If using a headset, press the Headset button.
  • Or press the Speaker button to answer the call hands free.


Switch between two calls

  • While engaged in a call, press the corresponding Line button on the right-hand side to put the current caller on hold.
  • Press the other Line button to speak to the other caller.
  • The ‘active line’ is shown by a steady red light and ‘held’ by a flashing light.
  • Unused lines buttons are green by default.


Transfer Calls

 To complete an Attended or Announced transfer:

  • During an active call, press the xfer softkey. This places the call on hold and opens a new line.
  • Enter the number to where you want the call to transfer to and wait a few seconds or press dial.


 To complete a ‘blind’ or unannounced transfer:

  • During an active call, press the bXfer button.
  • Enter the number to where you want to transfer the call. The call is transferred with no further action required on your part.


Access Voicemail

To access voicemail, press the message button on the phone

Further instructions on the voicemail’s functions, such as deleting/saving messages, changing voicemail message, changing voicemail password etc are automated within the voicemail system and will be provided to the user upon accessing voicemail.


Call Forwarding

1.    Press the settings button

2.    Press the down arrow key till you are at Call Forward

3.    Select this setting

4.    Press the [edit] button when on CFWD AllNumber

5.    Enter the number to where all calls should be forwarded

6.    Press [OK]

7.    Press [Save] 


  1. Press the cfwd softkey
  2. Enter the number to where the calls will be forwarded to
  3. Press dial




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